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5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Be Passionate

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Be Passionate


The answer to whether passion is important in life has been a subject of debate for many years. Having gone through tough times, I came to the conclusion that passion cannot be sidelined. Robert Kiyosaki seemed to agree with me when he summed up everything I needed to say about why passion is important in this quote:

“Employees dread the work week and live for the weekend. Their world is made up of two spheres, work and play. The rich don’t know the difference. Their work is their play because they’re passionate about what they do.” – Rich Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Need I say more? What is the point of gaining the whole world if you lose your soul to money?

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1) Passion lights up your life

Having spent a decade doing what I did to survive and having spent a year doing what I was almost obsessed with, I felt like the two periods in my life were night and day respectively. From boredom, came excitement, from anger came positivity, and from living for the weekend came sleepless nights doing what I loved and feeling joyous about the accomplishments. There is nothing as bad as feeling that the work you are doing is forced upon you. The passion I have for working with small business owners is the oxygen that keeps me alive.

2) It gives you the drive to go on

Everyone around me wonders why I keep on writing about small businesses. Sometimes I ask myself why. I just can’t stop it. I am addicted to this. I do it not only for myself but also for others who are trying to make something of their lives. Sometimes I joke around that my purpose in life is to help people turn their passion into profitable businesses.

3) Passion pushes you to learn more

I never thought in my life that one day I would be designing websites and writing about small businesses. My background and experience was not in web design and writing. But I find myself constantly researching on how to better my newly acquired skills in order to positively impact someone’s life.

4) It makes work fun

I love the kind of work that I do. It started as a dream in my bedroom and now I can share what I know for the whole world to benefit. When small business owners call me up and ask me for advice, I feel so blessed that I can be of help to someone else and at the same time not feel angry and bored because I am living my dream.

5) It gives you freedom

When you do what you love doing, you feel free. You work on your own terms and you make your own rules as you go along. It is fulfilling to create your own job. For a long time, I struggled to make a switch from my employer to another company primarily because I did not see myself fitting into any of the roles that were on offer. When I quit fulltime employment and started working as a consultant, I realised that you can create your own job out of your passion. I was free to pursue my dreams. Eventually, I began seeing good things coming my way.

“Your passion will determine whether your dreams can burn bright, or be cast into the wind like so many ember, dying in the fading light – Stephen C Hogan

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