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A Great Business Idea to Manage Stress: The Smash Shack

A Great Business Idea to Manage Stress: The Smash Shack

“Aaaargh! I feel like smashing a bottle against the wall.” This is a very common phrase you will probably hear every other day albeit in different words. It is one indication of stress which can occur when somebody has too much to handle. You may feel like you are overloaded and that your head is going to blow up.

Stress is normal. However you have to manage it so that it is not detrimental to your health. To avoid blowing up, you have to lift up the pressure cup and let go of steam every so often.

One genius organisation that helps you to do just that is the Smash Shack domiciled in the USA. Founded in 2014, this organisation describes itself as a place to vent all of your frustrations and anger, by breaking things!

According to the Smash Shack website,  it’s a local, veteran owned business with the drive to provide a safe and fun environment in which to expel stress. It is great for date nights, birthdays, anger relief, or venting after a long week. Customers come in, pay for what they want, and then break it!

Unusual Business Idea: The Smash Shack

Image Courtesy: Smash Shack

The organisation offers two distinct services:

i) Stress Relief: Breaking things can be seen as therapeutic, as well as entertaining.  Writing your bosses’ name, husband or wife’s name, even entire paragraphs on a plate you are about to smash can really lift some emotions and relieve some pent up anger.

ii) Event Hosting: Need a place to host an event? Try something different from a luncheon or typical outing. Great for team building, comradery, or just plain fun! Group and individual rates are available, such as $10, $15, $20, or $25 per premade boxes full of smashing fun!

Why I like it

This organisation had a great ear. It listened to what you wanted to do (i.e. smash a bottle against the wall) and provided you with exactly that! A place for you to smash, break, slam, crack and wreck stuff. What a great way to cool off some steam.

So being naturally curious, I found this awesome video of a “LIVE SMASHING SESSION” and it was absolutely unbelievable. I wanted to jump in and grab a baseball bat from one of the smashers and hit the glasses from the pitcher up against the wall! Aaah, so much for my dreams.

But wait a minute, there must be a smash shack in Nairobi, right? From my quick Google research, none exists.

With all the stresses we go through in our daily lives, pressure from our bosses, relationship problems,  traffic jams, corruption, losing our hard earned money to banks that are mismanaged and going under every other month, midlife crisis, I could go on and on and on, the list is endless. There is not a single smash shack I am aware of.

This idea is working in a developed country. Why not try it out in the developing world? I think it could be a brilliant addition to this part of the world and it has great potential for being a successful business. Make my dreams of smashing something true!

What you will need to start out

a) A smashing room (preferably sound proof to the outsiders)

b) Protective gear for the smashers

c) An assortment of items to smash

d) Equipment for cleaning out the smashed waste

e) A place to dump the smashed stuff or an ingenious way to recycle (this is could be a follow on business )

f) Licence to operate the smashing business

g) Other things that I have not thought of.

Startup, and thank me later for bringing it to your attention! I wouldn’t mind a free smashing session. You know writing can be stressful too 😉



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