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Money First: Passion Later

Money First: Passion Later

Most people will tell you to follow your passion and money will soon follow you in abundance. But I say, follow money first, then your passion later. That way, more money will come your way. I know this article will seem like it contradicts everything I have ever said about passion but it is not. I have strong reasons why I find it absolutely necessary to pen it down.

You see, I have observed that money follows money even though sometimes money can follow your passion. But it is more likely for it to follow you if you already have it, than when you don’t have it. Why do I say this?

My theory is that, the key to getting lots of money is to figure out how to get it in the first place. Then, naturally, more of it will follow you even while you are sleeping.  Now let me dissect my theory for you and you will understand why sometimes passion is irrelevant.

1. Heck, you don’t even know what your passion is!

I have found that “Follow your Passion” is an over rated and over hyped advice that is often not taken in the right way. A lot of employees hate their jobs and would do anything to pursue their passion. But the problem is that when you ask them “What exactly is your passion?” Either they don’t know it or their passion is something they can’t monetise.

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I am not saying that you should not pursue your passion. But you have to clearly define it first and see the money making potential in it. Otherwise, all you have is a hobby masquerading as a great business idea.

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2. You are at the bottom of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ Pyramid

Like the average person, you are working tirelessly to meet your most basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. When will you have time to think about your passion? Even if you do, passion alone cannot take care of the bills.

Some minimum amount of assured money is necessary in life to ensure your survival. For the rest of the time you can be happy in following your passion. You need to earn a decent living first to get closer towards your freedom business.

“The passion is your dream house and you are building it on the foundation of the day job. That needs to be stable. It needs to be completely 100% the foundation and the support of this house that you are building. If you are building it on half a foundation, it is just gonna crumble. The foundation comes first!” Sean McCabe

Alternatively, start a side hustle, so that you can slowly and smoothly transition from “the money making job” to “your dream job”.

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3. You are not ready to pursue your passion

Ever heard of the term “wantrepreneur”? Well, this is a polite term for those beings that live in a fantasy life. They dream of financial freedom arising from the vast wealth they have accumulated from their passion businesses, which by the way only exist in their heads. These breeds of people will always tell you how they hate their jobs and are planning an exit strategy to start their dream business.

The truth is, they are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and do not want to jeopardize the meagre coins from their monthly paychecks. They are too busy to even think about whether they can realistically turn their hobbies into profitable businesses. They don’t have any savings for investing in opportunities that could arise. Living from hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, they lack a plan for starting their dream business. And to make matters worse, they think that it is too late to foray into entrepreneurship.

But you can’t blame them for this. With the world being one big integrated community, thanks to the internet, there is a lot of pressure on us. You are expected to figure out your life purpose in your teenage years, create a formidable empire by your mid 20’s and retire in your mid 30’s. So if you are still thinking of changing your career in your 30’s, you are bound to be the talk of the community.

With all these factors in play, you are simply not ready to pursue your passion. So by all means, work for the money until that time you are ready to take the next step.

4. Figure out how to make lots of money, then more will follow you

Money is a very powerful thing. Money is good, money is sweet. A very close relative always tells me this. You see, it built Dubai on a desert and broke down Libya, it allowed for Mark Zuckerberg to be the youngest multibillionaire in the world but it also took down Imperial Bank. Money makes some people happy and others completely miserable.

Many business moguls have invested in businesses they have zero chills for, save for the fact that those businesses are cash cows. They get deals left, right and centre only because they have demonstrated their unquestionable abilities to build empires. It is easier for the richer to get richer than for a simply passionate being to make money from following his passion. Those who have the money continue to get more of it while those who do not have continue ‘having not!’  After all, how do you prove that your passion is profitable when it exists only in your mind?

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I have discovered that if you have a means of survival, follow your passion. However, if you are still struggling to survive, money is more important. With financial stability, you will definitely have the opportunity to explore your passion and interests. Once you have taken care of your bare necessities, it would be relatively easy to figure out your passion and go on from there.

5. Money makes you more attractive

This is my all time favorite reason for having money and it is bound to elicit mixed reactions. Have you noticed that those who have money seem to be very handsome or extremely beautiful? The wealthier people seem to produce more attractive children. Not all of them, but our eyes get clouded by the wealth and we rationalise their peculiar features as beauty even though on an average person, that peculiarity would pass for nothing short of unattractiveness.

Don’t get me wrong for I know that there are average people who are extremely attractive. But when you are rich, you can afford to find a partner who is good looking. If you are good looking, it’s easier for you to land a rich partner. Eventually, rich and good looking people start getting hooked up and have good looking children.

The same money that lands you an attractive partner and beautiful offspring affords you a better diet and clothing. You are able to afford luxuries that enhance your looks, high end perfumes, tailored clothing, professional stylists, regular manicures, pedicures, personal gym trainers, the list is endless. As a result, you ooze sexy confidence because you are not worried about how to pay your bills like the average Tom Dick and Harry.

There is a famous Indian saying that goes like this:

“The bridegroom who has a lot of money is the one who is from a good family. He only is the one who is a scholar, who is knowledgeable and is a patron of good qualities. He only is the great orator and he is the most handsome”

This famous saying basically means that once someone is known to be rich he is praised for all other qualities whether or not they really exist in him.

6. The alternative hypothesis: passion will get you the money

For every theory, there has to be an alternative hypothesis. So let’s just assume that you need to follow your passion first and that money is irrelevant.

The proponents of this statement, and I can tell you it’s the majority, say that money is worthless. It is just papers unless it is of service to your passion. If it does not serve your passion, then you will end up as the richest person in the graveyard. They say that people who spend their lives chasing money never have enough of it and the people who try to find their passion end up with just too much of it!

Well, this is partially true. But when you are sick, when you do not have food, will your passion provide a cure for your sickness or the food to eat? But I know that money will!

The most successful people I know like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Elon Musk etc. all have one thing in common, that is doing what they love and loving what they do. But, if you look closely, their basic needs were taken care of at the time they were pursuing their passion.

Money is essential to live in a society, and it is an absolute necessity. Passion will take you places and possibly helps you build a bank balance too. It will give you happiness, satisfaction and of course Money to survive.

Practically, you can’t survive solely dependent upon passion and neither can you live passionately with just Money; these both are interlinked.

Final Thoughts

What happens if humans stop working for money but for their passion or happiness? You end up with people like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Mark Zuckerberg, Stevie Wonder, Mahatma Ghandhi, Elon Musk, Dalai Lama, and most importantly, Stay-at-Home-Mums.

Basic income is necessary in life. You just cannot survive on the satisfaction of pursuing your passion. If you are financially stable, then the rest of the time you can be happy pursuing your passion.

From the way I see it; you can either take a job that leaves you with a good amount of time to explore your interests. Or do whatever job you get for period of time e.g. a year or two and save as much as you can. Thereafter, you can use these savings to survive while you’re doing what you’re passionate about. Plan it wisely. Hopefully you will grow become a success without burning all of your savings. Keep your fingers crossed, and go for it!




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